We operate a calendar year membership.  Coaching Sessions are run during the two brighter school terms, ie Easter-to-Summer and Summer-to-October although there tends to be sessions throughout the year, weather permitting and as long as there is coach availability.

Membership is open to all riders aged between 7 and 15 years.  Here is a link to the GT_membership form.

Fees are £45 for the year and can be paid through the British Cycling membership system.

Once a member, Tigers are able to attend both Stonehaven and Aberdeen sessions and any led rides that are held in addition. Other opportunities are also available and may incur an additional small charge.


Come and Try It (CATI)

We offer the opportunity for folk thinking of joining to come to one or two sessions on a trial basis to see if they like it before they make a decision.  If you want to do a CATI then get in touch with the Head Coach (see “Contact” Tab) to find out what we will up up to, where and when.

So that we can meet your child’s needs, we’d like to know a little about them before they come. Please complete the Come & Try form and bring it with you on the day.


Our jerseys are available to buy at club meets. They come with either long or short sleeves. This is what they look like:

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 13.58.18

and here is what it looks like being worn…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in a jersey please ask at a club meet about current stock availability and price.

Becoming a Coach

More information about becoming a coach can be found on the Coaching section of the website.

2 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Good morning. My son is keen to join a cycling club in Stonehaven. He will be 10 in October and is very confident on his mountain bike. He hasn’t as yet experienced a road bike however is keen to learn. Please can you give me some information on any sessions in Stonehaven and if it is possible for my son Calum to join the club?
    Many thanks.
    Elaine Clunie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Elaine, I’ve just seen your message on the Tigers website. I’m so sorry I hadn’t replied. Have your questions been answered elsewhere? If not then drop me an email – or Neil at

      We meet every Saturday at 11 for an 11.30am start. We run a coaching session for an hour and then children have the option to stay and race on the grass track bikes for an hour. We are currently offering off-road and grass track coaching. This week (3rd Oct) there will be no session as we have a race organised at Knockburn Loch. It is off-road and Calum is welcome to participate.

      Sorry if this has been answered already or if Calum has in fact even been to some club sessions.



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