About Us

cropped-p1050024.jpgYour child can ride a bike.  Perhaps they have been on a Bikeability course or you’ve taught them in the park.  Either way they are confident enough to be able to start off on their own and can control their speed and direction without running into things and can stop without falling off.  They enjoy being on a bike and are keen to do a bit more than just cycle around the park or the school playground.  Perhaps Grampian Tigers Youth Cycling Club is where they need to be!

We offer cycling for 7-15 year olds and we follow the principles of Go-Ride which is British Cycling’s Club Development Programme aimed at improving young riders.

The Go-Ride coaching activities have been specifically designed to introduce young people to a range of cycling disciplines such as: BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking, Road and Track Riding. So whatever their age or interests there should be something to suit.

We run structured sessions in the Aberdeen area on a Monday evening and in Stonehaven on a Saturday morning during the two brighter school terms, ie Easter-to-Summer and Summer-to-October.  Occasionally there are some additional ad hoc sessions (eg track-days or off-road), sometimes outwith Aberdeen/ Stonehaven area.

Who We Are:

Club Secretary:      John Hartley
Treasurer:                Mhairi Player
Welfare Officer:     (welfare.grampiantigers@outlook.com)
Head Coach:           Neil Kininmonth (L2, Road DSU & MTB DSU)
Coach:                       Elaine Kininmonth (L2)
Coach:                       Graham Watson (L2, MTB DSU, CX DSU)
Coach:                      Colin Sim (L2)
Coach:                      Charlie Barrow (L2, CX DSU & Trail Cycle Leader)
Coach:                      Colin Esslemont (L2)
Coach:                      Simon Stromberg (L2)
Coach:                      Jayson Weale

*DSU = Discipline Specific Unit


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