Grass Track League is GO!


Hi Tigers,

just to let you all know that we will be running another grass track league this summer although slightly slimmed down due to coach commitments.

Grass Track races at Mackie Academy, Stonehaven will be on 23rd & 30th July and 6th & 13th August. Kick off time will be 11am and we will aim to finish between 12:30 and 1:00pm.

Sessions are only available to riders on track bikes, of which we have the fleet for you to borrow. First come – first serve for sizes but, as usual, there can be a certain amount of sharing where possible.

Parents are encouraged to stay and help if willing.

See you all there.

3 thoughts on “Grass Track League is GO!

  1. Hi, The link isn’t letting me find the Facebook invite and I can’t find Grampian Tigers on Facebook to request to join the group. What is it called?! Sam Roberts only joined a few months ago and I didn’t know there was a Facebook group! He can go to 23/30 and 13th. Thanks Justine


    • Hi. Try searching Facebook for ‘Grampian Tigers Youth Cycle Club’ and request to join. I’ll look out for you and add you. Then you can see the events. ☺


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