Blairgowrie Highland Games

Well done to all that represented Tigers on the grass track. Brilliant to see all the work that riders have put in up at Mackie being put into practice at the Highland Games. Jayson recounts the day below:
Good tigers showing for the Blairgowrie Highland games. Alexander, Lucy, Reubens and Calum all competing, with Al, Richard and myself having a go in the seniors.
A lush sunny morning led into some torrential rain making the track slow and boggy. Good riding was demonstrated by all just to stay up right.
The handicapping made for some exciting racing. Race one had Reubens, Calum and Lucy entering the final straight together and race two was like a two up pursuit. I had a shot at the senior event which was a lot more frenetic then I expected and I was a lot more unfit then I’d thought. I learnt some good coaching points though and fought into the prizes in the devil at least.

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