Charlie’s Ft William to Stonehaven Challenge

C2C Challenge

To kick-start fundraising for the Global Learning Partnership trip to Rwanda, I aim to complete a coast-to-coast cycle ride from Fort William to Stonehaven.

I have been cycling for many years and I’m used to long days in the saddle and long distances. However, I believe that when asking for money for a charity challenge, the trip should be just that, a challenge.

I aim to ride the route from Fort William to Stonehaven off-road and self supported. The journey will take me through very wild terrain and over a munro over four long days. I will carry my own equipment and camp.

A donation via the Just Giving link below would really help and would be gratefully received. Every little helps.




In July 2016, a number of teachers will fly out to Rwanda act as Scottish Ambassadors and will spend 4 weeks working with teachers and children, sharing, learning and living in the community.

Upon returning to Scotland, I will be developing Learning for Sustainability (Global Citizenship) in school. I hope to enable children to further their understanding of environmental issues, over-dependence on resources and fair global trade to ensure a generation of responsible, global problem-solvers.

The project is a collaboration between The Wood Foundation, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils. They are currently liaising with schools in Rwanda and deciding where this year’s volunteers will be best placed. My role will include providing training to teachers through modelling good practise, providing CPD sessions and working within the community.

I look forward to returning with a wealth of new experiences and an appreciation of how we, as a global community, can ensure a sustainable future for our children and our children’s children.

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