Last Road Sessions in Stonehaven and Kingswells

This Saturday (Stonehaven) and Monday (Kingswells) will be the last road session for this year. The sessions will both involve a range of games that will test the skills learnt over the past few weeks whilst hopefully putting smiles on faces.

From Saturday 13th June the Stonehaven sessions will focus on track riding. Children are welcome to bring their own road, cross or mountain bikes but we will be providing a number of fixed-wheel track bikes for members to learn on. The bikes are very similar to the kind used by the likes of Chris Hoy and Laura Trott except these ones have been adapted to ride on grass. For more information on track cycling go to and for more information on grass track racing try 

From Monday 15th June the Aberdeen sessions will focus on mountain biking. Children will need bikes designed for off-road with off-road tyres and gears. Suspension is not essential. The group will be riding in the woods at Countesswells.

Keep checking the website for updates. An email will be sent out to members too.

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