Family Friendly Mountain Bike Events This Summer

This summer there is a number of events that a designed to appeal to the whole family. No longer will mum and dad have to wait in the car while their Tiger races bikes. Nor will younger brother or sister have to stick chewing gum in dads iphone charge socket to entertain themselves. In fact, some of these events even have beer tents!

Below are some weekend events with a range of racing options and cycle-related activities for the whole family.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 21.45.04

The Eliminator is an adult/older teenage event that involves two riders at a time racing head to head on a short course through a grassy field, an off camber, muddy woodland and through a field of tall barley. The main event features uplifts to the top and a weekend of riding in a compact area, meaning that this really is a spectator event.

Charlie rode this in 2013 dressed as Where’s Wally and hasn’t managed to take the smile off of his face since!

Camping is available on site and really near to the action which also features children’s mtb races, balance bike races, craft tents and entertainment.

There are also some lovely local roads to explore with skinny wheels if that’s your thing. Follow this link for details.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 21.59.28

Also organised by Muckmedden, Cream o The Croft debuts at Comrie Croft. Again, this is publicised as a family event with much more than just racing for all abilities. For those who have not ridden Comrie Croft, it is full of fun trails which a pretty short climb with some rocky, technical red trails, smooth bike park-style blue trails, a pump track and skills course. Again, this is a weekend event with enough on to keep both adults and children entertained. Here’s the link.

These events are not British Cycling events and do not carry BC points. They are fun events but with just as much competition for podium places.

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