Tiger Sets The Bar For 10 Mile Timetrial

track_time_trial_sports_pictogram_postcard-rc4ae71fdaaec4ca7a7b6a604afe3f25d_vgbaq_8byvr_324Grampian Tiger Alexander MacLeod recorded a fantastic time on Tuesday night with his debut Road Timetrial ride.

The race was over the measured Drumoak 10 mile course on a chilly breezy evening.

Not knowing what to expect, Alexander’s aim was to just ride round and see how he felt. After no warmup due to heavy traffic on way out he set out with Coach, Colin Sim, positioned just behind him to offer some protection. Riding into a sticky headwind over the first 4 miles to Crathes Bridge, Alexander was riding well within himself and making good use of his gear changes.

Over the bridge it could be seen that he was starting to get the hang of TT with Alexander speeding up a little every time one of the club guys passed, offering up words of encouragement.

Heading in South Deeside with the wind behind him, the smaller sprockets were engaged and the speed was noticeably faster. When he was given a shout that there were only 4 miles left his speed increased once more and this was repeated at the 3 miles to go and the 2 miles to go points.

Upon the shout that there was only one mile to go, he was out of the saddle and giving it full beans, crossing the finishing line with an impressive sprint and with the cheers of the others ringing in his ears.

Colin was much relieved when Alexander turned around after the finish with a huge grin on his face and a debut time of 38:27. This was well inside the 40 minute target that was expected of the young rider.

It was a most enjoyable evening and great to see someone riding so confidently and with great focus at the age of 12.

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