Tigers Sessions: Update

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely we weather we have been having. Those off-road trails are lovely and dry at the moment. Lots of fun to be had!!

Please note:

* There will be no session in Stonehaven this weekend (Sat 18th). There was initially going to be a cluster session/dirt crit at Haddo but this has been cancelled. You’ll all get a day off tomorrow although the club homework is to get out, ride your bike and enjoy the sun!

* The next Stonehaven session will be next Saturday (25th April) and will be the fist in a series of road-based sessions. You do not need to have a road-specific bike for these sessions so turn up with what you’ve got (in good condition), helmet and gloves. We will meet at the radio controlled car track at Mineralwell Park at the usual time.

* The Aberdeen sessions begin this coming Monday (20th) at Kingswells park & ride. The sessions will be road-based but again, a road-specific bike is not essential. Please be there at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start.

(Also note that road-based sessions are delivered in a traffic-free environment and not on public roads. The term refers to the cycling discipline.)

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