Scottish Cyclocross Championships 2014

20141207_093843As the sun rose at Knockburn Sporting Loch on Sunday morning, some visitors were arriving with snow on their bonnets and others were given a fresh sprinkling as the weather threatened to add a twist to the day’s racing.

Over two hundred competitors turned up to a crisp course with plenty of slippery roots and bogs. The bravest of the riders were the under 8s who eagerly signed on, practiced the course and by 9:50 the children were lined up on the icy-cold start line under starter’s orders.

Rider quickly warmed up and after ten minutes of racing almost all competitors made it to the finish line and those that didn’t, lived to race another day. Eager Tiger, Ruaridh battled the low temperature and held his own among the other riders, knowing when to push on and when to 20141207_102316dismount and run up the steep hills, keeping his cool to finish the race.

Grampian Tigers were fortunate enough to have a healthy compliment of riders competing in the under 12 category with some younger riders competing against some in the very upper stages of the age category. It was great to see the Tigers riding with confidence and competitiveness, pushing hard and carrying good speed throughout the race.

20141207_101817We are really proud of our riders and the effort that they put into cycling. Our Tigers are constantly improving and building their race experience. It was great to see that they were showing good sportsmanship as well with Owen slowing right down to ensure that a fellow rider who had crashed out and sustained an injury was alright. Win or lose, looking out for fellow riders is a must, especially if riders are to participate in longer and more remote events.

Unfortunately there were no tigers on the podium on this occasion but having witnessed the hard work, focus, dedication and sportsmanship of our riders, I have a good feeling about the future. Well done folks 🙂

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